(IoT) Internet of Things

The world is becoming more interconnected day by day and this brings huge advantages for business, manufacturing and individuals increasing control and the ability to collect and analyse data to better manage and automate our environment. The industrial revolution is coming with the use of connected devices and artificial intelligence to encourage increased performance cost savings and new revenue streams. With increased connectivity comes increased risks and it is concerning that particularly in the world of IoT security has not kept pace.

cyber-attacks take place on a daily basis and we have all heard of the massive data thefts taking place in the digital world but just imagine what could happen if that was to happen in the physical world cars being hacked and everything from windscreen wipers and washers turning on to loss of accelerator control and breaks. This is not just a story a major vehicle manufacturer had to recall over 1.3 million vehicles after hackers demonstrated vulnerabilities in their systems.


We are not talking about a terminator scenario where machines take over but a scenario which is just as frightening where hackers take over either for profit or mischief. Imagine a takeover of the country’s energy supply, hospital equipment and monitoring devices water supply and sewage services. Just the thought of these scenarios should be enough of a wakeup call to system integrators and manufacturers no matter the device.

  • How Can We Secure IoT
  • End to end encrypted connection securing traffic from MITM and AP Rouge attacks.
  • Can be secured by mac address
  • Other methods of security and user authentication
  • IQuila can be installed at chip level

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