Experience the Art of the Possible with iQuila Software Defined Networks.

iQuila allows you to create an overlay across your corporate and virtual networks, enabling secure remote access to both your internal network and to your applications running on Public Cloud and Data Centres without all the issues of remote access VPN.

With iQuila Virtual Extended Network (VEN), there is no need for expensive MPLS lines or SD-WAN Solutions.

What is an overlay network?

An overlay network runs on top of an existing network. A prime example of this is the Internet, which is an overlay network that runs on top of the telecommunications network.

iQuila Virtual Extended Network (VEN) creates an overlay on top of the Internet which allows your company network (LAN) to extend beyond the head office.

iQuila allows all a company’s devices to connect on Layer 2 using standard Internet lines. Devices connected through the iQuila Cloud become a part of your overlay network. If you wish to fully extend your company network, simply install iQuila on all your workstations and devices.

Why iQuila?

iQuila is a cutting edge, software-based alternative to traditional VPNs which can be complex to configure and difficult to manage.

The iQuila Cloud does not require any additional expensive hardware and your IT department can build and deploy secure virtual networks in minutes.

iQuila’s secure, software-enabled Layer 2 connection protocol allows for satellite offices, branches and remote workers to become part of your existing corporate network as if they were plugged into a LAN port in your head office.

The Kernel Mode Driver allows iQuila to connect on boot up; enabling full Active Directory, Group Policy and Security protocols, as well as complete control of endpoint devices, in line with your head office policies.

iQuila is your LAN port in the cloud.

The iQuila virtual network connector enables Layer 2 routing across a wide area network (WAN), whilst the 256bit encryption and “always-on” functionality protects both your devices and your data from external attacks, even on an unsecured public network.

iQuila Enterprise is one of the fastest remote connection solutions on the market, supporting up to 1Gbps-class high-speed throughput performance.

Have your employees experienced any of these problems when connecting remotely?

  • ISP blocking their VPN connections
  • Difficulty accessing certain applications
  • Require extensive IT Support to connect.
  • Trouble accessing corporate resources whilst travelling/out of country.

If so, iQuila can solve these problems.

What can iQuila do for you?

  • iQuila allows your remote workforce to connect to your corporate network, from anywhere, over any Internet connection and with zero downtime.
  • iQuila will save time and money through being a more reliable connectivity solution. Your company can significantly reduce support tickets relating to VPN and other connectivity issues.
  • iQuila creates an “always-on” connection which allows end-user devices to be managed as if they were plugged into a LAN port in your head office, bringing specific devices under group policy, permissions and security.
  • Because iQuila connects on port 443, it is unlikely to be blocked by ISPs,. You will also not have issues accessing certain applications or face interference from firewalls, as is prevalent with legacy VPN products.
  • iQuila is very simple to setup and, once implemented requires very little maintenance.
  • iQuila enables Layer 2 connections which, until now, were only possible by using MPLS lines, which have significant financial drawbacks.
  • iQuila will work seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure.
  • iQuila allows for micro-segmentation of your networks.
  • iQuila has multi layered security including its own securely encrypted connection coupled with allowing the ability for external/remote devices to fall under internal network security policies.

We don’t just make connections we build networks!

iQuila VEN is not just sophisticated software to be used for layer 2 connections it is a network builder. You can connect all your assets regardless of physical location on one controlled network including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

’iQuila VEN is a completely new concept which is secure, quick and efficient. No more struggling with setting up VPNs with all that entails. Why not create a VEN and be fully operational in less than 10 minutes?